Comfort. Style. Luxury. Materials. Quality. These are all elements that we look to
and strive for in finding unique products from around the globe. We have put together
an exciting group of artisans who share the same passion, knowledge and skills in
creating specialty products which you can integrate in both home and commercial applications.


A native New Yorker and trained at the Parson School of Design in Interiors and Furniture, as well as the School of Decorative Arts at the Louvre in Paris, Gary has worked extensively with both Interiors and Furniture Designers before arriving in Toronto. Having worked with some of the most prominent and esteemed Designers, Architects, Celebrities and Artisans in New York, Asia and Europe, Gary has garnered the skills and experience designing both furnishings and spaces. With an eye for the big picture, space, materials, scale and comfort are key elements in the way he looks at design. Whether it is designing a custom piece of furniture or designing a yacht interior, he never loses sight of the fact that it has to be fun, and a collaborative experience for both client and designer.

Hanson brings his experience as an Art Director of an advertising agency along with his experience in theatre, dance and marketing. With his passion for detail, he is a great resource for all the products we make and represent, its unique qualities, specialties and vast customization that each company offers.